BUT I KNOW MY GOD!   In “Flags of Our Fathers,” author James Bradley tells the story of the famous photograph of Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima.  When published, it appeared in papers across the United States.  One of those papers was being read in the small hamlet of Yorktown, Texas.  Yorktown sits […]

Missed Opportunity

The Philistines, that is correct, the Philistines, missed a golden opportunity to have revival.  In a battle with Israel, which always seemed to be their lot, they, through none of their own righteousness, collected the Ark of the Covenant as booty from a battle (1 Samuel 4:11).  It was not the case that they were […]

Springs For The Struggler

I noticed something interesting in the story of Samson.  After the gory massacre of a thousand Philistines with the discarded jawbone of a donkey, Samson was dehydrated and very possibly on the verge of a heat stroke.  After all, this amazing event took place during the time of harvest, so it was late summer with […]


Within the last few days, the President of the United States declared open hostility toward God and all things biblical.  Personally, having read his book a few years back, I am not at all surprised.  He, and those who follow his line of thinking, are intent on erasing all vestiges of godliness and taking our […]


        “On the horns of a dilemma!”  The old idiom meant if you avoided one horn, you would be impaled on the other. David described a situation in his life in terms somewhat like that expression.   Save Me from the lion’s mouth, and from the horns of the wild oxen You […]

Does He Have Permission?

DOES HE HAVE PERMISSION?   Gathered in a dark olive garden, Jesus and His disciples, minus Judas, were in various postures of prayer, sleep, and confusion. Suddenly, the stillness of night was shattered when a large band of men appeared.  Brandishing clubs, swords, and torches with which to identify the Fugitive from justice, they broke […]

You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

An amazing aspect of our God is the fact that amid pillaging, villainy, even barbarous atrocities, He is still at work for the welfare of His chosen ones.  He is so completely “other,” so far beyond being completely discovered (Job 9:10, 36:26), our grasp upon Him is infinitesimal at best.  Surely, we cannot begin to […]

When God Went To Prison

WHEN GOD GOES TO PRISON   The story of Joseph is filled with a variety of truths which speak to our situations in life, particularly those times when we feel trapped and unable to extract ourselves from the prison-like surroundings which hem us in.  Perhaps you sense just such a feeling.  Trapped.  Encircled.  Confined.  If […]

He Sees Me!

GOD SEES ME! Running from issues which had created an intolerable situation, a woman we know as Hagar found herself alone and isolated in her struggle. After bearing a son to Abraham, things went sideways…she didn’t help matters…and she wound up being treated harshly by Sarai.  In fact, it can be said Sarai was cruel […]

What Happened To Him?

John, in Revelation 12, describes an appearance of Satan.  He is a horrifying figure.  He takes on the appearance of a dragon, fiery red and invincible.  He is a powerful being, imposing his will on the hapless people around him.  Only the divine intervention of God keeps him from devouring the hope of humanity, Jesus.  […]

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