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You Don’t Have To Come Back

A house church leader related a story about the work of the Holy Spirit in our modern day. Telling how the Holy Spirit woke him up in the middle of the night and instructed him to gather the fruits, vegetables, and meat that the house church had stored up to care for people in need […]

Hard Day

Having a tough day?  They seem to come around quite often and can sometimes be so grueling, it makes one wonder if they are ever going to end.  The Apostle Paul had a tough day or two.  Let’s drop in on one and see if we can learn anything from how he handled it.   […]

Beginning of Sorrows

            I awoke recently long before the sun had peeped over the eastern horizon, with a sobering question on my mind.  Rattling around in my brain was a somber inquiry; “I wonder if we are living in a real-life fulfillment of what Jesus called ‘the beginning of sorrows’”?  To make things easy for you, here’s […]


Like many of you, I am watching the horrid actions of the Taliban unfold in Afghanistan.  As they march in their bloody determination to exterminate all those who trust in Jesus, I am met with a mixture of emotions.  Part of me wants to blame those who have left them as hapless victims before the […]


            I recently read the opinion of an immensely popular preacher.  He stated, that in his opinion, the biggest threat in the church today is “jealousy” amongst ministries.  My initial reaction was, honestly, very shallow, and carnal.  I immediately thought of a handful of threats to the church in America which overshadow jealousy amongst ministries […]

Holy Rebels

I have been stirred by recently reading Alan Hirsch’s The Forgotten Ways.  He makes a powerful point by outlining the problems being faced by today’s church.  He is prophetic when writing we “have woken up to find ourselves in contact with a strange and expected reality” (3).  I think we can all agree with that […]


Who, or what, captures your attention these days?  The economy?  The political shenanigans dominating our headlines?  CRT?  Perhaps you are now preoccupied with “Delta,” not the kind created by an expanding and receding river, but the newly minted form of, I hate to say it, “Covid.”  Whatever, or whomever, seems to be nabbing your attention […]


Everyone paying attention is painfully aware of the shifting of our culture away from anything Godly and the rising tide of anti-Christian thought.  If you tune into the news or watch any of the countless talking heads on televised media, prepare to have your faith insulted, your Lord demeaned, and your sanity questioned.  For those […]

It’s Storming

            The horizon is littered with political and military figures who are far from God.  Nations, steeped in war and bloodshed, are emerging as ever-increasing threats to freedom.  Society seems to be crumbling before the bewildered eyes of onlookers.  No one seems to know the answer to the looming threat of disaster.             Sounds familiar, […]

Preparing For His Coming

I find it interesting that Jesus, when answering the question posed by His disciples about the end of the age (Matthew 24:3-4), spoke without hesitation about how things were going to coalesce at the end of the age in which you and I live.  It’s almost as if Jesus knew how our headlines were going […]

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