Within the last few days, the President of the United States declared open hostility toward God and all things biblical.  Personally, having read his book a few years back, I am not at all surprised.  He, and those who follow his line of thinking, are intent on erasing all vestiges of godliness and taking our nation as far from a biblical foundation as possible. Those who follow his line of reasoning, and there are many who fall into line with him, are the epitome of those about whom Paul warned would dominate the religious headlines of the last days when he wrote of men and women who would “have a form of godliness but deny the power of God” (2 Timothy 3:5). Of course, this is not the only time powerful people who flaunt the teachings of the Master are mentioned in scripture.  I think of people like him when I read what the psalmist wrote in Psalm 2.


Why are the nations so angry? Why are the people making useless plans? The kings of the earth prepare to fight, and their leaders make plans together against the Lord and his appointed one.  ( Psalm 2:1-2 CEV)


The Bible always presents a realistic world view.  We are never shown anything other than a hostile world when it comes to the things of God.  The systems and leaders of our planet are shown in direct conflict with the Anointed King.  The reason Congresses, Parliaments, Dictators, and Presidents are displayed in such an aggressive position is because those in such places of power all have a common sentiment.  It is aptly expressed in a story told by Jesus.  The blunt statement “we will not have this man reign over us” (Luke 19:14) is an oft-repeated assertion of the rebellious nature of mankind. 


The Bible is equally clear in portraying the hate expressed toward Jesus.  Our nation is not as bad, at least at this point, as the hatred expressed by the Communists when they asserted control of China in the late 1940’s.  Believers there were crucified against the walls of their churches or drug behind trucks or horses until dead.  A pastor was hauled up into the air by a crane and dropped to the ground.  When the fall did not kill him, the act was repeated.  The only explanation for such horrific treatment of another human being is that the enemy of the Cross, owing to his hatred of Jesus and those who hold Him dear,  drives men to such depraved lows.


David posed the question “Why?” in this psalm and addressed it to the already doomed rebels. I want to pose three “Why’s” to us about our response to the increasingly godless nation in which we find ourselves.


“Why” are we surprised at anything they do?  They are doing their best to not only eradicate everything that is based on God’s Word, but they are also striving to make sure you and I are violating a “law” by pointing out the fact they are in violation of God’s law.  Such actions and attitudes should not surprise anyone who reads the Bible.  The coalition of the godless are determined to “cast away their cords from among us” (Psalm 2:3).  They do not want our God and they, for sure, do not want any limitations that we might speak into their totally secular lives.  What we are witnessing is totally biblical.  It should create no surprise among those who name the name of Jesus.


“Why” are we stirred with anxiety about their actions and posturing?  Our God is not at all anxious.  In fact, when they bloviate about ridding this world of His influence, He belly-laughs (Psalm 2:4).  When powerful men castigate Him and His people, declaring their intentions, He chuckles and destroys their wisdom…the word “derision” in Psalm 2:4 is tied to the idea of confounding the wisdom of the wise in 1 Corinthians 1:20. When powerful people seek to eliminate Him, and His people, from this planet, He simply stands patiently and waits on the inevitable eternity toward which they are destined to bring them to task. 


Do not let the actions of men nor their arrogant proclamations stir anxiety within you.  The Eternal One has already set His Son as King of Zion, (Psalm 2:6) and no one, including our President, will ever remove Him from that place of everlasting authority.  Do not be anxious when you are already included in the gift the Father has pledged to His Son (Psalm 2:8). Do not become anxious when the day is coming when the Son will grind to pieces every nation and entity which has opposed Him (Psalm 2:9).  Most important of all, do not allow yourself to become anxious about what they are saying and doing when you have the blessing of putting your trust in the Lord (Psalm 2:12)!


One last “Why?”  It has to do with our actions, or lack thereof.  “Why” are we standing still in apathy when our religious freedom is being taken from us?  Researchers tell us there are as many as one hundred million evangelicals in the United States.  They also tell us only about twenty-five to thirty-five percent of us vote on a regular basis.  “Why” are we standing around, lamenting the loss of religious freedom, and not acting?  Perhaps it is time we awaken ourselves and actually do something about the encroachments on our freedoms before they are forever gone.  Understand, Jesus will still be Lord whether America sees revival or falls into oblivion.  Nothing about our future as a nation will change the fact He is King of Kings.  Nothing our President, or any collection of them, can do will ease Jesus one inch off His throne.  I get that.  What I see is our freedom to speak such truth without reprisal is eroding.  It does not have to go that way. Speak fearlessly for Jesus!  Stand fearlessly for Jesus!  Show up fearlessly for Jesus!